Call of the Silence

So much the night reveals that is concealed in the glare of the day.
By the faint, metallic shine of the nocturnal lights, the child conjures ghostly forms out of the faded patterns of the window curtains and the arabesques on the tattered wallpaper: mythic heroes, chimeric monsters, giant insects, sailboats, hills and castles. She rises and tiptoes through the dormitory, following a moth who had detached itself from the fabric like a diminutive fairy flying off a leaf. All other students are asleep. The child hears her name called thrice by the silence and ventures further down the unlit corridors of the boarding school to enter the deserted classroom. Sitting on the teacher’s chair, facing the verrière, she stretches her legs and crosses her feet atop the desk to let the moonbeams play with her toes. Her gaze penetrates the improbable shapes in the schoolyard and pursue the scurrying, night-loving creatures until they vanish into their hidden sanctuaries. She befriends the silence, and the silence loves her.

From A Book to Free the Soul ©
An illustration of a child’s dream from The ladies’ floral cabinet v.3, no.33 (1874)

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