Pan’s Embrace

The summers of the early 70s sent me gamboling throughout the countryside in search of the godlings in the hills and the woods, the fields and the brooks. I undressed under the towering oaks to feel with my skin the skin of the forest. Lying on a cover of moss over hoary roots, I breathed in the pungent moisture of the soil and invoked the potent god of the wild. It is he who, whispering unto me the primordial mysteries, told me to mistrust any guide except my mystical twin, to renege all masters but the wind. When the delusions of the adults’ world wiped out the last mythic encounters of my childhood, the boy I was became a man. Yet, my soul would not relent and still awaits in the winters of my latter years the return of the eternal Pan.

—From A Book to Free the Soul ©
illustration, image, picture of pan, piper idyll
Stella Langdale, Illustration for Symphonie Symbolique by Edmund John, 1919

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