It is said that desire is a product of the will, but the converse is in fact true: will is a product of desire.

Denis Diderot

Desire makes everything blossom; possession makes everything wither and fade. 

Marcel Proust

Desire is the fountainhead of two streams, one flowing through the evocative, the other through the flesh. Desire fuels dreams, enflames our passions, and feeds the creative thrust, forging experience into the memories that shape the soul. Whereas Desire thrives on harmony, greed is the insatiable acquisitiveness that leads to mayhem and destruction.

From A Book to Free the Soul ©
mythology picture, image, print of the gods/goddesses Ceres, Bacchus, Venus and Eros
Hendrick Goltzius, Without Ceres and Bacchus Venus would Freeze, Ink and oil on canvas, ca 1600

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