Only silence opens our ear to the voice that resounds in the depths of all things, animals, plants, mountains, clouds. Nature is silent for those who always speak. Moreover, even in the words of our fellow men it is given to us to grasp its profound meaning only if we know how to be silent.

Romano Guardini

It is better to be king of your silence than a slave to your words.

William Shakespeare

He is a youth with a fingertip to his lip
His wide eyes are carved to see beyond mortal sight
The locks of his hair are a veil for his secret:
A gnosis greater than any book can transmit,
The wisdom the hierophants searched in the light
Silence: the charming god I revere and worship

From A Book to Free the Soul ©
photograph, image, picture of the Greek god of silence Harpocrates
Statue of Harpocrates, 2nd century C.E., from Villa Adriana at Tivoli

One thought on “Silence”

  1. The needed stillness can be accomplished through”Centering Prayer.” Be still, and you will know, not by the knowledge of the mind, but by the knowledge of the heart, who your god is and who you are.
    And as Yves wrote,”The garden of silence is a gift to your god and the place of your salvation.”


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