The antidote to materialism, Establishment religions, and the pop-spirituality industry

Imagine opening a new window of perception, breaching the wall of conditioned life, or crossing a bridge between reality and ethereality. A Book to Free the Soul is all that and more. You will learn how a meta-individuality can rise beyond death and the limitations of matter. You will explore the metaphysics of the Self Triumphant and the origins of all things. You will discover at last what ought to be born in you to free your soul.
The journey takes the form of an initiation through interlinked segments seamlessly integrated into the whole. If you have ever felt forlorn or a stranger in the material world, know that a gate to your true home is as near as the pages of this book.
Content overview:
Portents of the Gods is a mystical tale that serves as a lively introduction to a new way of thinking about reality, religion, and the sacred.
The Wisdom of the Doubter illumines the esoteric and gnostic core in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas, outlining a “mysteriosophy of the Savior Twin.”
From a different perspective, The Legacy of the Windeswaisen further explores the mysteries of Desire, soul, Spirit, and ethereality.
Whisperings of the Protogenos offers an impressionistic account of what it means to align one’s life with the persuasions of the numinous self or angelic power within.
The Verses of the Fool presents a compendium of sextains, part oracles, part meditations, part seeds of mystical transformation.

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